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Inhale CBD using a vape pen or flowers

The absorption of CBD through the lungs is one of the most effective consumption methods. Whether in pure flower form or as CBD liquid for vape pens.

By vaporizing the liquids or smoking CBD flowers, the active ingredient enters the circulation immediately, where it is also absorbed – an effect can therefore occur immediately.

Researches, studies and field reports have shown that CBD works in the body for between four and eight hours. In this case, smoking or vaporizing leads to the quickest absorption, but its efficiency usually flattens out again the fastest (after approx. Four hours).

CBD oil
CBD oil

Nonetheless, the consumption of pure CBD flowers is one of the most pleasant forms, especially for purists. Thanks to their discreet product shape, vape pens are almost indistinguishable from commercially available e-cigarettes and are therefore ideal for simple everyday use.

The PhenoPen deserves a special mention here, a CBD inhaler with which pure cannabis extract is easily vaporized and inhaled. The effect occurs extremely quickly and the body’s absorption capacity is much higher than with other CBD products.

For comparison: While the absorption capacity of oils and capsules is around 5 to 25%, the PhenoPen is 40 to 60%. This makes the PhenoPen unbeatable when it comes to taking CBD effectively!

Dissolve CBD oil under the tongue

Sublingual ingestion of CBD is only slightly slower than inhaling. It describes the release of the active substance under the tongue. Thanks to its liquid form, CBD oil in particular is perfect for being quickly absorbed by the countless receptors under the tongue.

After just a few minutes, the cannabidiol is absorbed by the body, where it then shows its effectiveness for up to six hours. Natural flavors such as lemon, mint or lavender ensure a delicious consumption experience. CBD oil is also available in its original hemp flavor, although this is not necessarily for everyone.

However, should you ever be dissatisfied with your choice of variety, this is by no means a reason to.

CBD absorption in the stomach through capsules & tablets

An alternative to conventional CBD oil in vials is taking it via capsule or tablet. The capsules usually also contain CBD oil, but it is protected from contamination by a digestible shell. In this case, the active ingredient only comes into direct contact with the organism in the stomach as soon as the capsule shell has dissolved in the gastric acid.

CBD capsule
CBD Guide

This has the advantage that you can consume it tasteless. In contrast to many medications, when taking CBD through the stomach, there is no need to focus on meals. Thanks to its good tolerance, cannabidiol can also be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning before breakfast. The absorption through the stomach takes longer, the fuller the stomach is.

As a rule, you can calculate between 15 and 60 minutes here. The total duration of action is then about four to six hours until the effect subsides again. The advantage of the capsules is that they are ideal for on the go.

CBD crystals under meals

The currently purest form of cannabidiol are CBD crystals. They are an isolate from which all excess plant material and even other cannabinoids have been removed through complex cleaning processes. As a rule, a degree of purity of up to 99% is achieved, which makes dosing extremely precise by simply weighing the crystals.

Dissolved in oil, butter or vegetable fats, CBD crystals can easily be added to any dish or drink. As with CBD capsules or tablets, the active ingredient is then absorbed through the gastric mucosa. Another form of “nutritional supplement” is CBD chewing gum.

Admittedly, this sounds the easiest, but the dosage is usually so low that it can at most be regarded as homeopathic.

CBD suppositories for rectal intake

Cannabidiol suppositories are a rather unknown method of taking CBD. Anyone who ran away screaming from their mother with the suppository as a child will probably find it difficult to change their mind even nowadays. However, rectal intake is by far the most effective method of administering CBD.

The bioavailability of the intestine is twice as high as that of the mouth. This is because the rectal membrane is extremely absorbent, which means that the cannabidiol can be effectively transported in the body and evenly distributed over several hours.

An effect occurs after rectal absorption after approx. 10 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours, the longest of all available CBD products.

CBD cosmetics for external use

CBD can also be purchased in the form of many different cosmetics. Ointments, creams and even lipsticks that have been mixed with cannabidiol can already be found in stores.


They are all intended for external use and are absorbed through the skin. This variant is primarily to be used for local treatment, because with an exposure time of about one hour, the chance is very high that part of the applied ointment rubs off through clothing and a large part of the active ingredient can be lost. CBD is a lipophilic (fat-loving) cannabinoid and bonds with the skin.

CBD is then absorbed into the metabolism via the top layer of our skin and thus has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.