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Are CBD Tinctures Better Than CBD Oils Or Vice Versa? Well, as we’ve hopefully shown you, there’s nothing that ultimately makes one better than the other. What you prefer depends on exactly that: your preference.

Perhaps the extra herbs and other ingredients in tinctures appeal to you. Or maybe you will feel better if you take a CBD concentrate that does not contain alcohol. We’re not here to convince you of one or the other! We just want you to make sure that you are only buying high quality CBD products from reputable sources. The rest is up to you!


Vaping CBD is a healthier alternative to smoking. Vaporizer pens came on the market in the early 2000s. Since then, they have enjoyed increasing popularity. With their help, many people switch from traditional nicotine liquids to vaping.

Recently, however, vaporizers are not just used for nicotine replacement. This is how the CBD oil trend is also penetrating the vaping world. It is therefore not surprising that some people prefer to vaporize their CBD rather than ingesting it sublingually.

By inhaling the cannabinol can act very quickly in the body. For previous smokers or those who only smoke in community, vaping CBD can be a great way to maintain your daily dose of cannabidiol. But is vaping really that good? The theory behind CBD vape pens and e-liquids are that vaping is healthier than smoking liquids due to the lack of combustion.

The combustion process when smoking releases hundreds of toxic chemicals and carcinogens. Vaporizing allows you to get the same effect but without burning. Vaping is a bit healthier, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually good for your health.

Can you still use CBD oil in a vaporizer pen, even if vaping poses some dangers? In this article we will answer that question for you. We think that it is worth knowing which substances you are actually exposing your body to.

The health aspects of making CBD

In the United States, where marijuana is legal in many states, people can vape dry buds from the whole cannabis plant. If only it were that easy in this country! Since cannabis and THC are illegal in Germany, you have to use CBD oils made from industrial hemp that contain less than 0.02% THC. Of course, this is also done for your own safety. Unfortunately, the process of extracting CBD products from hemp and preparing them for consumption can also have some undesirable effects.

In the past, the main method was to place the plant in an airtight tube and pour a strong solvent such as butane over it to extract CBD from the plant. Butane is not really good for your health. The solvent then extracted the cannabinoids, creating a sticky, highly potent CBD oil.

Of course, manufacturers know that butane is not really healthy. Therefore, the oil is subjected to a strict cleaning process afterwards. However, it is very difficult to remove all of the butane. Sometimes residues from the solvents are left in the oil and this is very dangerous. Today this is still not a real problem because many companies are converting their production to CO2 extraction. In terms of the end product and CBD vaping, this is much safer.

However, there are still some companies that extract CBD products with solvents. This is especially true of those producers who are trying to cut costs. So be sure to always check the label to see which extraction method the company is using. It is really easy to avoid such products if you just know what to look for.

The health aspects of vaping CBD

The cannabis plant is covered with plant waxes and resins that protect its leaves. During the extraction process – regardless of whether solvent or CO2 is used – dissolved parts of the cuticle wax of the plant can get into the oil. Since CBD vape pens use lower temperatures to avoid burns, these waxy particles don’t burn and the vapers inhale them into their lungs instead. Some experts believe this causes waxy granules to form in the airways, which can obviously lead to health complications.

Again, there is a way to avoid this. After CO2 extraction of the CBD, some companies choose to “winterize” their oils. That means they soak the plant in alcohol and then freeze it. This allows the company to separate the waxy particles. Winterization obviously leads to higher costs. It is also believed that this will also filter out some of the CBD and reduce the strength of the oil, which is why there are companies who skip this step.

Using winterization techniques is fine for sublingual oils. However, if you know you want to vape your CBD, you should be on the lookout for suppliers who have winterized their products. This will prevent wax particles from building up in your lungs.

However, winterization can actually produce a more viscous product, which creates a whole host of new problems.

The health aspects of diluents

CBD oil cannot be vaporized in its normal form because it is so much too viscous and won’t work in a vaporizer. To get around this, you have to “dilute” oil in something more liquid. As a solution, manufacturers add diluents to the CBD to turn the oil into a vapor liquid.

This is a huge problem because thinners can be toxic and ruin your health. Two of the most commonly used diluents are polyethylene and propylene glycol (PEG), which can break down into carcinogenic compounds. Other by-products of diluents include formaldehyde, which is also a Group 1 carcinogen.

In other words, diluents can cause cancer. So, while you are not breathing in burned toxins from liquids, you are breathing in other toxins as you vape CBD.

The health concerns of vaporizing an oil

Vaporizing oils of any kind is not necessarily a good idea. Oil is a different type of fat. So, when you vape an oil, you are essentially inhaling fat. Because of this, there is a possibility that lipids can collect in the alveoli and so fat can accumulate inside the lungs.

This can eventually lead to lipid pneumonia, in which the bronchi are clogged with globules of fat. The result is that you can no longer breathe properly. However, this is only likely with very strong CBD vaping. But still keep it in mind.